Hardtail EMTB

Hardtail eMTB with 120mm front travel to face also alpine trails with great performance and good handling. The X2 and X0S frames have been designed to create the perfect eMTB Front Suspension thanks to geometries that guarantee low weight distribution, ensuring this way immediate confidence even on very technical trails.

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The down tube of X2 and X0S is designed to fit the built-in Shimano 630Wh E8036 battery for an attractive, minimal look. The range proposes three different versions: the innovative EP8 motor, Shimano E 7000 and also the more affordable Bafang Max Drive 36V.
The X2 frame is equipped with 29"x2.60" tyres for maximum grip while X0S frame is equipped with 29”X2.40” tyres.

High-performance motor for each price category

Shimano E8036 630Wh battery provides enhanced autonomy

120 mm fork travel